Training Grants in Spine Surgery 2021 – Call for applications


The Clavel Foundation has pleasure in announcing once more the opening of the Training Grants in Spine Surgery 2021 call for applications. The objective of these grants is an observership experience that enables participants to shadow neurosurgeons, watch innovative procedures and surgeries and attend patients rounds.

The Terms and Conditions of this year contain some relevant changes in relation to last year. In 2021 we are increasing the number of grants, from the current four grants to nine; with six available positions at the Clavel Institute in Barcelona and three at the Clavel Institute in Madrid. 

Another significant change is that each training grant will run for a two-month medical training, instead of three months. 

The Clavel Foundation is a private foundation based in Barcelona which annually offers training grants in Spine Surgery at one of the most prestigious spinal surgery centers in the world: the Instituto Clavel.These grants are possible thanks to the active support and collaboration of our sponsor Medtronic, global leader in medical technology and healthcare products.

For further information related to training grant period, required documentation and approval process please download  the Terms & Conditions attachment.