Mireia Miras, the nursing point of view

Mireia is 31 years old and traveled on the mission to Ethiopia in June 2017. It was her first experience as a volunteer nurse abroad. Keep in mind that carrying out your first mission to Africa always becomes an adventure.
In Adama she was able to work hand in hand with the Foundation's medical team, and carry out essential tasks so we could perform our work at the Addis Abeba Hospital, such as establishing ties with the local nursing team and sharing with them our know-how and methodology, holding practical workshops on disinfection and hand washing, improving the stocking of an instrument case to make it more efficient or preparing a surgical table prioritizing the safety of the equipment and the patient.
Mireia returned delighted after her mission and with many experiences that made her reflect and see things from another perspective. That is why she is already thinking of returning on another mission.