On 15th July 2016, we organized in the Auditorium of Hospital QuirónSalud of Barcelona the 2nd Sport&Spine Seminar, focused on this occasion on cervical spine pain, so prevalent in the population and one of the main causes of sick leave and disability.

During the day we addressed different issues related to cervical pain and analyzed the best methods to prevent it. In addition, we dealt with the incidence of new technologies, their effects on spine health, and how postural awareness helps us to prevent pain.

The speakers at this II Sport&Spine Seminar were Dr. Mariona Violan (membe of Consell Català de l’Esport), Estel Mallorquí (Director at Biwel), Dr. Montse Bellver (specialist in Sports Medicine at CAR), neurosurgeons Dr. Pablo Clavel, Dr. Ignasi Català and Dr. Guillermo Montes (Instituto Clavel de la Columna), Dr. Mario Lloret (Sports doctor and Anatomy Professor at INEFC), Dr. Estefanía Moreno (Reumathologist at Hospital QuirónSalud of Barcelona), Dr. Rafel Donat (Physiotherapist member of FNME of the Catalan Association of Physiotherapists) and Danna Rebassa (Physiotherapist at Postural Fit).