Biniam's story


We want to share the story of one of the patients that has been treated by the volunteer medical team of the Fundación Clavel. It’s the story of Biniam, a young 20-year-old man whose life changed a few days ago when he fell from a tree while he was pruning it. The force of his fall delivered a severe blow to his spine and one of his legs, resulting in an almost instantaneous loss of mobility and feeling.

The diagnosis confirmed that the L5 vertebra had fractured, so our medical team performed an operation to stabilize the vertebra and prevent the injury from getting worse.

Thanks to this surgery, Biniam will be able to begin rehabilitation, because after the operation he had already regained feeling and was able to move his legs, so it seems likely he will be able to walk again. Seeing Biniam’s smile as he wiggled his toes was the very best reward for our work.