Abebe Senbete, a hopeful smile

Abebe arrived at Adama Hospital on foot after a week's walk from his home. He lives in a remote village in the countryside and lacks his own transport or means to get one. When we received him and asked his age, he could not tell us exactly. About 60 years old, approximately. He wore a large turban covering his head and came barefoot. Despite his old and worn-out clothes and his tired appearance, Abebe had a smile that spread tenderness and kindness. We trusted him. He told us the reason he had walked to Adama Hospital. A dispute over land issues with a neighbor resulted in Abebe being hit in the head with a rock. After removing the turban, we could observe an open fracture filled with pus and surrounded by flies. The lack of basic care and first aid was immediately apparent.
The surgical team intervened to perform a thorough cleaning, remove the pieces of broken bone, carry out a careful hemostasis and close the wound. We ended his care with antibiotic therapy and analgesia.
After a great job carried out by Dr. Tewodros and Dr. Clavel, Abebe was already in better condition, with slight discomfort, but without losing that smile with which he gratefully thanked us for the treatment received. One of our best rewards.